The SAP SCM is one of the SAP Business Suite solutions to manage Supply Chain Management in an efficient and effective way which brings efficiencies to the supply chain. In this blog, we present the capabilities within the SAP GATP (Global-Available to Promise) component of the SAP SCM suite.

SAP GATP stands for Global Available to Promise and it is like promising to customer for their demand and delivery.

Global ATP checks the entire network, product / material substitutions defined in the condition/rule and also production from alternative location based on the advanced functionality called Rule based ATP.

During sales order entry in SAP ECC, the SAP SCM system is called in real time and the ATP check is performed in SAP SCM. If the requested product is not available, the system automatically searches for the product in an alternative location or looks for a similar product using user- specific predefined rules. We need to do some customizing in SAP R/3 to allow ATP check in SAP SCM.

ATP functionality is already available in SAP ECC but it has limitations :

  1. Availability check in SAP ECC is limited to single location,
  2. Product Substitution is manual
  3. ATP is limited to single material substitution,
  4. No simulation

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By Sareeka Bangar (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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