The mySAP SCM is one of the mySAP Business Suite solutions to manage Supply Chain Management in an efficient and effective way which improves supply chain efficiencies. In this blog, we present the concepts of Supply Chain Management and the various mySAP SCM modules.

Supply Chain (SC) and Supply Chain Management (SCM)
All activities related to material flow and transformation of goods from raw material through end user as well as related information flow.

SCM stands for Supply Chain Management which is integration of all activities in Supply Chain to accomplish sustainable competitive advantages.

SCM consists of many areas such as New product development, Systems management, Operations management, Procurement  & Production Scheduling, Order Processing, Inventory Management, Transportation, Warehousing etc.

Suppliers/Vendors, Producers, Distributors and Customers are major key elements of Supply Chain management. Logistics is an important part of SCM which is also called as physical distribution and related to movements, storage of goods and material.

SCM helps to implements and control the efficient forward and reverse flow of products and related information between major key elements of supply chain.

Flow of product in SCM is from supplier to manufacturer, and from manufacturer to Wholesaler and finally from wholesaler to Retailer. But huge information flow is also needed to have efficient control over whole supply chain and such information flow is among key elements of Supply Chain.

Orders and Payment flow is exactly opposite as against of product flow.

The mySAP SCM is one of the mySAP Business Suite solutions to manage SCM in efficient and effective way which ultimately reduces total cost of supply Chain.

SAP SCM consists of the following major applications:

  • SAP Inventory collaboration Hub (ICH)
  • SAP Event Management (EM)
  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) – Further, APO is divided into different sub modules like Demand Planning (DP), Supply Network Planning (SNP), Production planning and Detailed scheduling (PP/DS), Global Available to Promise (G-ATP) and Transportation Planning and Vehicle scheduling (TP/VS)

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By Sareeka Bangar (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)


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