SAP Upgrade and Migration
At Apprisia, we have been providing SAP Upgrade services and SAP Migration services to our customers to upgrade their SAP platform from SAP 4.7 (and earlier versions) to SAP ECC 6.0.

Why upgrade the SAP environment
1. Take advantage of new business functionality that is constantly being released by SAP.
2. Opportunity to replace custom development and enhancements with standard SAP functionality.
3. Avoid payment of higher maintenance charges for older SAP versions (such as SAP 4.6C and older).

Our SAP upgrade services follow the SAP best practices, for the following project lifecycle:
1. High level project plan with identified responsibilities for Apprisia and your team
2. SAP Landscape review
3. Hardware review and availability of extra hardware for the upgrade project
4. Use Apprisia upgrade tools for determining the ABAP objects inventory, enhancements, modifications and other object types.
5. Use Apprisia upgrade tools to determine test coverage and identify critical transactions.
6. Objects adjustment and review of obsolete developments. Comprehensive regression testing in collaboration with key users.
7. SAP production instance upgrade. Post production support to ensure SAP system stability.

Key Criterion for the SAP Upgrade:
1. Minimum downtime to business
2. Minimum window for freezing changes to the SAP system related to configurations and ABAP development transports.
3. Remove obsolete code, review unnecessary enhancements and revert to SAP standard functionality
4. Minimum changes to available functionality
5. Comprehensive regression testing of core business processes


Need Help:

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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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