Sometimes it becomes tough to sense or recognize when to perform your SAP Upgrade. Whether you’re running one or many SAP systems or SAP services under one roof, your employees become familiar with the quirks and problems of the particular version of the SAP firmware. However, at one point in time, it becomes the need for an hour to undergo the suitable SAP Upgrade.

It’s a common human tendency to resist the changes initially. Later, when it’s gradually understood that the changes would transform their surroundings, they adopt the same. So, initially, it is very much crucial to make the masses aware of the potential benefits the changes will bring in the future.

Interestingly, things will not always go the way you want. Sometimes, people may resist the changes or transformations even after making them aware of the benefits of the same.

So, what to do in such scenarios? Well, simply make the masses aware of the need for that change. Because they say that — “Need is the Mother of Invention!”

All the departments and employees in the company may be made aware that some aspects of the current SAP systems and SAP services are not working well for some of the departments in the company, and there’s an urgent need of SAP Upgrade, as it’s become essential now to maintain a perfect balance between the latest SAP features and the needs of your business.

Putting in clear words, it is generally accepted belief in the industry that when any system loses it’s current functionality’s efficacy and/or company needs third-party assistance, then system must be upgraded to the latest, available, functionally suitable, and financially affordable version to save the cost in longer term.

So, without making a delay anymore, let us see these two points in detail.

Functionality Loss:

It is one of the most common and frequently cited reasons to SAP Upgrade. The loss of functionality primarily happens because the system becomes outdated. It causes many issues and creates loopholes in the whole system. The only option to tackle this situation is to keep on extending the third party maintenance contracts (AMCs) for such outdated SAP systems or SAP services. As a result, company faces huge financial expenses. So, when in doubt, directly UPGRADE!

SAP Upgrade helps making the faster delivery of SAP services and accurate functioning of all internal SAP systems. Apart from this, the upgraded version comes with the latest security patches, which ultimately safeguard the overall infrastructure from external threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, etc.

Capability Increment:

Sometimes, increasing the capability of SAP systems or SAP services is the only option that remains in front of us, when the infrastructure becomes outdated, slower, and inefficient.

As your company grows in terms of no. of employees and projects, it becomes immensely important to possess a robust and efficient system that outperforms all the necessary and newly added functions of the company.

Let’s consider a scenario. Your company is planning to expand the business in gulf countries. A separate, efficient, robust, and more capable infrastructure is being installed in the respective countries. Now, the SAP systems and SAP services in the India’s branch must be compatible, and well-compliant with the systems installed in gulf country, in order to sync with those systems. The first and foremost point in this scenario is to check if the capabilities of both the systems are equivalent or not. Then rest of the points can be considered. This way, both the systems can be synced together to work in synergy.

So, I think now you must have understood why SAP Upgrade is a must!