Why Your Organization Needs SAP Basis Support?

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SAP services have been widely spread across the globe now, within a brief span of time. This is because of the unique traits the system has and its abundance to resolve the system-related issues effectively in lesser time and with greater accuracy.   

However, SAP Basis is more often neglected or given less importance when it comes to deploying SAP Services (On-premises or Cloud) in most organizations. Your organization could also be one of them. If it is, then it’s high time that you should seriously start considering SAP Basis Support Services or SAP Basis Consulting Services for the SAP architecture in your organization because of multiple vital reasons. Here’s an overview of the same.  

What exactly is SAP Basis Support? 

The job of an SAP Basis Administrator is basically to look after the management and administration of the SAP infrastructure. At actual, it means that SAP Basis Support Services or SAP Basis Consulting Services are whole and solely responsible for various factors in SAP infrastructure, such as: 

  • System runtime environment 
  • Managing cooperation between systems  
  • Scheduling and correctly deploying system updates  
  • Responding to user’s queries and issues and investigating performance problems  
  • Taking regular back-ups of all the tasks, databases, etc.  

Now that you’ve understood what is meant by SAP Basis Support, let’s try to understand the competencies and actual responsibilities SAP Basis Administrator person or a team, that provides SAP Basis Support Services or SAP Basis Consulting Services, SAP Outsourcing Service.

The responsibilities of SAP Basis Administrator person or a team include (but are not limited to): 

  • Creation and implementation of the abundant environment that follows the world-class and best SAP practices such as DEV, test, training, and production 
  • Maintaining the integrity of SAP environment by managing the SAP Correction and Transport System (CTS). It gives assurance of the correct promotion of all configuration and development objects 
  • Installation, migration, updating, optimization, monitoring, and resolution of current complex problems concerning SAP infrastructure 
  • Process and transport management in SAP 
  • User management with individual authorizations and profiles 
  • Database management 
  • Operating system management  
  • Disaster recovery  
  • Minimizing risk and achieving high levels of availability, performance, and reliability for each SAP instance 
  • Designing and implementing the optimal and efficient SAP configuration, which maximizes overall system availability and performance 
  • Maintenance of the network infrastructure in the On-Premises SAP systems 
  • Migration and seamless support to the Cloud-based SAP systems  

Why is SAP Basis Administrator team needed in your company? 

A dedicated SAP Basis support team ensures 24/7 technical support to the whole SAP infrastructure in your organization. The very primary but basic advantage of deploying an SAP Basis team is they become familiar with every inch of your SAP infrastructure enabling them to resolve any critical issue accurately and in no time!   

Here are the salient features of SAP Basis Administrator team: 

  • High Security: When it comes to the execution of complex IT projects of high-ticket client then what you need most is security guarantee of the system infrastructure. SAP Basis Support Services or SAP Basis Consulting Services provide the same. 
  • Cost Optimization: Due to the technical expertise from the SAP Basis team, the cost incurred in the resolution of crisis management will be lesser as compared to the cost paid to the inexperienced or poorly qualified person.  
  • IT Support becomes efficient: Outsourcing of SAP Basis Support Services or SAP Basis Consulting Services will enable your internal IT support team to focus on the key activities and contribute more to the company’s progress.  
  • Overall increase in the productivity: Due to the happy and technically healthy environment, the teammates in various departments become stress-free and focus on more essential tasks that help grow the organization exponentially at a fast pace. 

If you’re thinking of cutting the cost by not deploying the SAP Basis Support team, then you may encounter some crucial problems. 

SAP Basis Support team is proficient in handling the crucial crisis scenarios in record timing and budget. Hence, it is always beneficial for every organization to invest some cost in the SAP Basis Support service or SAP Basis Consulting Services at an early stage so that the future crisis could be avoided.