A Closer Look At Dynamic Behavior Of SAP BPM APIs

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The Business Process Management (BPM) application programming interfaces (APIs) provides users with lots of control on how to customize and enhance the way they use the  business processes and execute the  tasks.

In this blog, I am going to explain you how to manage a particular task in UWL and also how to pass values to SAP BPM start event using UI technology of Java Web Dynpro (WDP).

This becomes important and essential in a dynamic scenario where we have to trigger and fill BPM context at run time.

To be able to use BPM APIs, we need the following:

1. CE 7.3

2. NWDS 7.3

A. SAP BPM context mapping

We will trigger the BPM process from the WDP DC, so make sure you add the following dependencies on WDP DC:

1. tc/bpem/facade/ear of software component (SC) BPEM-FACADE

2. tc/je/sd021/api of SC ENGFACADE

Now, we have to pass BPM information to the WDP DC using API’s.

As shown in the image above, DataObject is used to refer to the start event object of BPM (TestWS), where we can fill the context. Make sure the output mapping of this start event is in place.

B. Manage SAP BPM task

In this section, we will manage a particular task of the deployed BPM process.

As we did earlier, we will have to repeat the step to get the deployed process details.

Here, in URI, we have to pass BPM process instance.

We can get this instance using Process APIs or we can get this from the BPM context (Mapping from is necessary).

Task Status will fetch all the tasks of a particular BPM process.

In this, we get a result set which will contain all the tasks of above mentioned status.

Once we give the process details correctly then  it is a matter of normal JAVA code to fetch and set details.

This way, I explained how simple it is to manage tasks in BPM APIs and also to pass values in SAP BPM start event.

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By Nikhil Joshi (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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