An Easy Guide to SAP Enterprise Portal

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sap enterprise portal

SAP Enterprise Portal provides users with centralized, easy-to-use access to the information, applications and services for business processes.

SAP Enterprise Portal includes:

• iViews
Small but powerful iViews are a key SAP Enterprise Portal feature.

• Pages
A portal page holds iViews.
You create a portal page by either copying an existing page or by running the Page Wizard.

• Worksets
The Workset Map iView serves as entry page for a role in SAP Enterprise Portal.

•User roles
A role contains collection of tasks and information associated with a specific group of users.
The role definition determines user access to content, the activities that the user can perform,the navigation structure and how the contents are visualized, within the portal. Roles consist of worksets, which consist of portal pages and iViews.

• Knowledge management (KM)
Provides centric collaboration and content management.
It has the capabilities to handle both structured and unstructured raw data across heterogeneous platforms and applications.

• Business Roles and Permissions (KM)
SAP Enterprise portal offers a flexible role model that scales with the size of your
company. Customers can manage areas centrally or delegate content related
activities across different people or teams.

• Authorization
Provides role-based authorization for all portal content.

• Authentication
Confirms or denies through user ID and password.

• Single Sign-On (SSO)
Authenticates users to multiple data resources and applications with a single sign-on.


SAP Enterprise Portal provides employees and external stakeholders  such as customers,  suppliers and business partners with a role-based  central access point to personalized information, applications and services.

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