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Business Process Automation in SAP using SAP BPM


All businesses running SAP have the need for business process automation to reduce processing times and increasing accuracy of transactions. Businesses have need for business process automation across financials, sales, procurement, customer service, collections, HR and many others. With SAP running the core business operations, it makes a lot of sense for SAP customers to standardize on the SAP BPM product for managing business processes.


The current processes have the following characteristics:

  • Paper based
  • Need for approval from various stakeholders through physical signatures
  • Archived into physical folders for future reference
  • Due to the delay in entering the information into SAP, the sales or customer service departments do not have visibility into order status
  • Due to movement of paper between offices, there are significant delays in approvals and order fulfillment.

For such business processes that have paper movement and authorizations, SAP BPM product provides the business process automation capabilities.

  • Ability to provide an accurate User Interface to capture all the information in the paper forms
  • Attach the scanned documents to the primary form to have a complete document docket. The original documents are scanned and archived. Thereafter, the scanned copy is inspected by the business users.
  • Each business process step provides rich information from SAP and non-SAP systems which allow the business user to take a fully informed decision.
  • The business process travels between multiple stakeholders. Each stakeholder conducts his or her work to complete their step of the business process. They add their analysis to their business step – the business process then moves to the next person in the process
  • All approvals or rejections are recorded in SAP BPM which allow for future auditing.
  • SAP BPM provides notifications through email such that the business user is aware of urgent actions on their part.
  • The document management capability allows us to retrieve the electronic documents anytime later for auditing purposes. The physical documents are already in safe storage as per policy.

At Apprisia, we have provided compelling business benefits to our customers through process automation using the SAP BPM platform and the SAP NetWeaver platform.

Need Help:

Please discuss with us on your current paper based business processes. We would provide our recommendations on how to automate your paper processes in a practical manner using the SAP licenses owned by your organization.

Please send us your questions, comments or assistance request, and our team would be glad to assist you.

By Nikhil Joshi. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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