How to do offsite distributed team development for SAP NetWeaver projects?

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SAP NetWeaver projects are characterized by a high degree of core development activities, and less of business re-engineering or process re-engineering or SAP systems configuration.

Hence, the extent for interaction with the customer’s Business team is much less as compared to a “traditional” SAP development project.

An SAP NetWeaver project would typically consist of identifying new business processes to be implemented, new SAP BW reporting, new data integrations etc. The SAP Netweaver is a platform that provides implementation of new processes and data visualization applications and SAP ECC is at the backend. Hence, the need for SAP ECC core configurations is minimal.

As with any development project, the initial phase of the project needs close understanding of business requirements.

This requires the Business process consultant to personally interact with the business and identify the business requirements through workshops, white boarding and discussions over printouts/charts/sheets etc.

This process typically takes 10% of the total project effort for capturing the high level requirements. This phase of the project has to be conducted onsite to fully interact with the business and understand their true requirements and aspirations.

Thereafter, the next level of details can be arrived at by the remote development team located at the offshore location. This includes creation of mock User Interface and mock process walk through to confirm the requirements. This is a partial development activity and can be efficiently conducted offsite. All artifacts can be discussed with the customer team remotely, with the partial assistance of the onsite consultant. This activity may take about 20% of the total project effort.

Thereafter, the design and development phase of the project can be totally conducted offshore. This phase takes 40% of the total project effort and needs access to deep SAP Netweaver expertise. We do not need close co-ordinatation with the business for this phase. Hence, this phase is ideally suited for offshore execution because it needs access to deep SAP Netweaver expertise and can lead to significant cost reductions for the customer.

The object is unit tested, and then provided to the customer for integration testing and acceptance testing. Thereafter, the approved objects can be deployed to production. All these activities take the remaining 30% of the project effort.

As we can observe, the initial phase of capturing high level business requirements needs an onsite presence to determine scope and negotiate with the Business to reach a technically feasable and cost-effective solution. Almost all the remaining activities can be efficiently conducted offsite to leverage the team knowledge and SAP Netweaver expertise available in the offshore team.

In our direct experience, we are observing customers to benefit through SAP NetWeaver offshoring by getting access to Netweaver experts located at offshore locations, and also get cost savings due to lower cost offshore pricing. This lives up to our motto of doing the “right activities at the right location”.

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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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