How To Conduct SAP Business Process Modeling In SAP NetWeaver

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SAP BPM (Business Process Modeling) is process management tool powered by SAP NetWeaver platform, delivered with SAP CE (Composition Environment) capable to interact with diverse technologies using SAP eSOA (Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture) capabilities. The SAP BPM modeling provides the business model that is used by the SAP BPM engine. SAP BPM is a prominent tool to design, model, deploy and execute processes that include human and system tasks. These tasks can involve different business applications due to SAP BPM broad set of integration capabilities. The processes are executed as workflows using human-to-human, human-to-system and system-to-system interactions.

SAP BPM provides rich capabilities of process management as follows –

  • Graphical user interface to provide user friendly process design environment.
  • Drag and Drop feature for swift process design with minimal effort. Hot keys and shortcuts make design more agile and interesting for end user.
  • Less technical expertise required. Business person can design processes with little background information of process design.
  • Capability of direct Integration and configuration of Web Services in process tasks for manual and system interactions.
  • Streamline integration with SAP BRM (Business Rule Management) engine to execute business rules in BPM tasks with or without human interaction. Allow to create business rules within BPM project providing easy maintenance capability.
  • Pre delivered Palette with set of rich tools to provide very flexible and robust design experience.
  • Availability of different type of connectors to shunt or navigate process flow.
  • Provides defined set of events to be used in process for raising alerts, notifications, timer etc.
  • Swim-lanes provide logical segmentation/grouping of tasks and actor’s working area in SAP BPM process.
  • Capability of user authentication at swim-lane and/or individual task level. It provides feature of connectivity with SAP Portal to access UME for assigning users to tasks in process.
  • Integration of Human and system interactions within process. Allow to trigger sub processes from main process’s task and come back.
  • Capability to use artifacts for asynchronous data sharing between tasks of the process. Provide swift changing & adaptability of process context for ever changing business requirements.

The key feature of SAP BPM is availability of gateways to be used for shunting and/or navigating process flows with help of different type of connectors. Gateway allows check/set conditions those help in deciding process flow.
SAP BRM engine can be one of the providers of business rules to check gateway conditions.
Along with many more features, SAP BPM tool assures very interesting process modeling experience. SAP BPM’s flexible design promise adaptability to integrate with existing processes & vice versa to incorporate ever changing business requirements without giving nightmares to process managers and giving cutting edge against the competition.

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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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