How To Conduct SAP CAF To SAP BPM Migration – Methodology Techniques And Best Practices

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Many customers are having business processes implemented in SAP CAF. With the availability of SAP BPM in SAP CE, customers need a methodology and proven techniques to migrate their SAP CAF models to SAP BPM.

At Apprisia, we have expertise in migration of such business scenario. Our design recommendations to provide a future proof business process design, and SAP CAF to SAP BPM migration best practices.

SAP CAF provides discrete steps or activities which can be assigned to a role. The activities in the SAP CAF process can exchange data through process context parameters which is similar to a “global memory” where the common process data can be placed and can be accessed from any step in the SAP CAF process.

Though SAP CAF provides a rapid development facility of providing a code-free activity for common integrations such as web service, RFC …, in real world business processes, we have to use custom developed WebDynpros to implement each business process step.

Our design recommendation for SAP CAF processes is as follows:

  • Do not use the CAF process context for exchanging business data. Keep the process context light. Instead, use a unique process identifier across the process steps to identify the currently running process.
  • Design each process step as a standalone WebDynpro application. While establishing the functionality of this standalone WebDynpro application, think of it as a reusable component which can be reused later in any future business process step. The only input to this WebDynpro is the unique process instance ID. The standalone WebDynpro application would retrieve the business data from the persistent storage based on this process ID, and present the User Interface to the end user. The user would provide business data to this WebDynpro application; the WebDynpro would conduct its business processing; it would persist the business data into the persistent storage and mark this step as complete.

SAP BPM is similar to SAP CAF in the business modelling and process steps:

  • There are business activities in the business process model
  • SAP BPM provides process context for storing process specific business data.

In our experience, if we conduct the design based on our recommendations for SAP CAF process implementation, the migration effort to SAP BPM is significantly reduced. The WebDynpro applications need minor changes to conform to the SAP BPM framework vs the SAP CAF framework for calling WebDynpro methods.

In conclusion, our recommended design approach for standalone WebDynpro design towards reusability, and exchanging minimum data in the process context has stood the test of rapid migration from SAP CAF to SAP BPM with minimum effort or rework.

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By Sareeka Bangar (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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