SAP Netweaver Composition Environment 7.2 has been released by SAP and is available for customers.  This blog addresses some features, technological facts, and steps for installation in a Distributed Environment on operating system AIX 6.1 and database DB6 9.7. Also included are few issues we encountered and their resolutions during our project experiences.

1. SAP Java Virtual Machine (SAP JVM)
The important feature of CE 7.2 is the SAP JVM. Now SAP has come up with SAP Java Virtual Machine (SAP JVM) 6.1.  We no longer have to download and install Java Development Kit (JDK) from another software vendor (IBM or Sun Java / Oracle Sun Java) as a prerequisite. The SAP JVM is fully compliant with the Java Standard Edition. This is available with the installation Master DVD and is installed automatically by SAPinst when we start the installation.

2. Creation of Operating System Users and Group
While creating OS users and Groups on a distributed landscape or for Additional Application Servers take care on User ID and Group ID. The SAP Users and SAP Group must have the same respective User IDs and Group IDs across all the hosts. The <SID>adm user ID must be identical for all servers as well the sapsys Group ID.

3. Bootstrap Issue.
One common error we experience on all distributed installations is an error in bootstrap node.  The Java Application Server was not coming up and every time it stopped with a bootstrap node error. There is no work around and after getting this error in sapinst we need to change the bootstrap watchdog timeout parameter to a higher value. This SDN wiki helped us to resolve this issue.

4. Storage space (Hard Disk and Swap).
The installation guide recommends a minimum storage of 6 GB for Primary Application Server Java.  But do consider the requirements regarding usage types selected and the size of the deployment archive.  If the free storage space is less than 3 times the size of archives selected for deployment sapinst throws the error similar to one given below during the Java components deployment phase.

DeployException: SduLoadingException

To avoid this storage issue, for example if the archives selected for deployment is 3 GB (which is the total size of archives with all usage types) then we should have at least 9 GB free space apart from the normal storage recommendation. That means it should be minimum of 9 GB + 6 GB = 15 GB.

We will continue with more blogs on CE 7.2 deployments.

Please send us your questions, comments or assistance, and our team would be glad to assist you.

By Moreshwar Thawkar (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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