SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP NetWeaver Portal – SAP EP) is used as a front end for end user to access applications like ESS/MSS and other custom developed applications. Considering that the SAP EP may be accessed from multiple time zones and geographies, it is important to have a single consistent time and the time zone for the SAP EP.We will discuss about how to set time zone for SAP EP.

What is Time zone and how important it is?
Time zone is region dependent. Every geographical region falls under some or the other time zone. Having a correct time zone for our system is very important because for all the user actions/operations such as creating/modifying portal objects or portal users etc or when generating Portal Activity Report this time zone is used as a reference.

How to set or change time zone for SAP EP?
Sometimes we may have a requirement to change time zone for EP. As we know that SAP EP doesn’t have its own time zone, it uses the time zone of the host machine where it has been installed.

In order to change the time zone for SAP EP perform following simple steps:

  1. Stop the instance.
  2. Change the time zone of the host machine where SAP EP is installed.
  3. Restart the host machine.
  4. Start the instance. You will see that the time zone change is being reflected in SAP EP.

Hence we have successfully changed the time zone for SAP EP.

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By Moreshwar Thawkar. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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