What is Knowledge Management?
Knowledge Management is a component of SAP Enterprise Portal which provides a central, role-specific entry point to unstructured information from various data sources. This unstructured information is stored in heterogeneous, distributed repositories and can exist in different formats, such as text documents, presentations, or HTML files. Knowledge Management (KM) integrates these data sources and provides access to the information contained in them through the SAP Enterprise Portal, regardless of how or where documents are stored.


Knowledge Management functions support you in structuring information and making it available to the target audience. Some of the Knowledge Management capabilities include:

  • Document authoring and publishing
  • Version management
  • Powerful search and navigation through taxonomies
  • Classification
  • Intelligent publishing, automatic classification and subscription
  • Flexible and configurable user interface
  • An open framework for applications, content, and services

Knowledge Management comprises the following sub-components:

  • Content Management (CM)
    Content Management services enable functions that you can use on the content of all connected repositories as long as technical conditions are met. These services include subscriptions, ratings, public reviews, feedback, and personal notes. You can also import documents into KM repositories from external sources by using the content exchange service.
    Content Management manages entire life cycle of content production, including authoring, classifying, structuring, publishing, security and delivery of content in various media within SAP EP. It also manages the connection between document repositories and SAP EP.
  • Search and Classification (TREX)
    TREX is one of the most powerful features supported by KM. TREX is a search and classification engine that is used to search in structured and unstructured data and documents .In the Enterprise Portal, you can search for documents using various search terms/criteria’s, as in search engines. The search engine is called Retrieval and Classification (TREX).TREX services include search and retrieval of large document collections, text mining, automatic document classification, and search and aggregation of structured data in SAP applications.


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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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