SAP continuously improving their capabilities in the area of SAP Form Tool to meet the customer’s requirement.
Currently SAP is offering 3 distinct SAP Form Tools.
1. SAPSCRIPT : Introduced before 4.6C release
2. SMARTFORMS : Introduced in 4.6C release
3. ADOBE FORM : Introduced in Web AS 6.40

Limitation of Sap scripts are

1. Scripts are client dependent i.e. the SAP Script designed in one client cannot be accessed in other.
2. It can be used only as a Print form.
3. Layout designing is not so flexible which take lot of time to design it.
4. It is not possible to use multiple page formats in SAP Script.
5. It supports only TIF Image format. And don’t have a provision to add background Images.
6. It cannot be integrated into Web browser.

Editor of SapScript:

SAP NetWeaver Adobe Form

Limitation of Smart Form are

1. Scripts are client dependent i.e the SAP Script designed in one client cannot be accessed in other.
2. It can be only used as Print Form.
3. Need to have individual Interface for each form.
4. Design tool still has some limitation as compared to adobe form (Cannot create Labels).
5. It cannot be integrated into Web browser.

Editor of Smartforms :

SAP Adobe Form

Advantages of SAP Adobe Form are
1. SAP Adobe form has a capability of Print Form as well as Interactive Form.
2. It can be used as Online or Offline Interactive form to integrate the outside business user into the business process.
3. SAP Adobe form uses Adobe Live-cycle Designer as a form designing tool which is completely integrated into SAPGUI. It is very easy to use and flexible to design the form using live-cycle designer which significantly reduce the design time.
4. Single Interface can be used in multiple forms.
5. We can add Digital Signature to the Adobe Forms which can validate on the Server to ensure the identity of the person who signed the form.
6. We can do the validation of certified documents on the server to ensure the form template of incoming form was not altered.

Editor of SAP Adobe Form:

SAP Adobe



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By Gopichand Panghate (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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