SAP PI is the middleware platform for integration purposes; however, we mention scenarios where SAP PI usage is not recommended from our numerous project consulting experiences.

SAP PI is the middleware platform from SAP for enterprise wide integration scenarios. The majority of the backend integration scenarios can make use of SAP PI for integration purposes.
However, there are several usage scenarios where SAP PI usage is not recommended.

  • Synchronous integration: This is a scenario where the request and the response messages are synchronous, such as an inventory check scenario from the web. A Synchronous request places tremendous resource demands on the SAP PI infrastructure; the request and response messages are persisted (based on configuration), and the thread is held open to receive the response from the target application. Hence, in this scenario, usage of SAP PI is not recommended.
  • User Interface Integration scenario: This is a common scenario faced by the development team – the Webdynpro application is developed on the SAP J2EE application server integrated with the SAP portal. The business data has to be fetched from the SAP ECC backend.The User Interface would demand a quick response from the backend for fetching data and conducting the transaction. This is a synchronous scenario, and it would also be conducted with high usage every day. Hence, it is recommended to have a direct integration between the source application (WebDynpro application) and the target application (SAP ECC6) without using SAP PI. It is also recommended to expose the backend functionality as standard services.
    For example, integration between SAP Portals (containing SAP BPM, SAP CAF, SAP WebDynpro) and SAP Suite (SAP ECC, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, SAP SRM etc.) should be conducted without the usage of SAP PI; the services should be exposed from the SAP suite as standards-compliant enterprise services.
  • Web Service interface of backend application:Many times, the target application in SAP/Microsoft/Java/Legacy is available as a standard web service. In such cases, the web service interface can be easily consumed in the source application. In such scenarios, SAP PI adds no value for transformation or backend integration.

In conclusion, SAP PI usage is usually not recommended for User facing applications where the backend application is available as a standard web service. SAP PI is almost always suitable for integration between backend applications not requiring human intervention.

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By Abhishek Khandelwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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