SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer allows you to compose model-based business applications in a flexible way – without manual coding. SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer provides sophisticated, yet simple-to-use tools for creating SAP NetWeaver Portal iView that process data from back-end systems. With Visual Composer, we can define the user interfaces using simple drag-and-drop services and then define the data flow between them.

Visual Composer operates on top of the portal, utilizing the portal’s connector-framework interfaces to allow users to access a range of data sources, including SAP and third-party enterprise systems.
Visual Composer helps bridge the gap between the business process expert and IT, thus reducing the need for expensive consulting services, and lowering the TCO for the company.

Why Visual Composer?

  • Simplicity
    • Visual Composer enables fast development of model-based business applications, without requiring manual coding skills.
    • Visual Composer users create their models using a small set of highly-reusable, easily understood concepts (such as views and data binding).
    • The Visual Composer graphical interface is very user friendly: it implement drag-and-drop capabilities, direct layout visualization and a range of other tools for facilitating model building and adaptation
    • Visual Composer is browser-based, eliminating the need for client-side installation and maintenance.
  • Reusable components
    • The building blocks implemented in the models ensure consistency in functionality and UI design from application to application. Using them ensures significant savings in time and effort by eliminating the need to recreate similar functionality from model to model.
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0 integration
    • Visual Composer is tightly integrated into the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 suite of applications.
  • Connectivity to SAP and third-party systems
    • Visual Composer operates on top of the SAP NetWeaver portal, utilizing the portal’s connector-framework interfaces to enable access to a range of data services, including SAP and third-party enterprise systems. In addition to accessing SAP ERP systems, users can access SAP Business Warehouse and any open/JDBC stored procedures.
  • Support for different runtime environments
    • Visual Composer is a robust tool whose models can be deployed to run in a number of different environments, including Web Dynpro and Adobe Flex.
  • Test-and-Redo
    • Visual Composer is ideal for trying out a model, quickly deploying it – and then going back to the “drawing board” (Storyboard) for correction and tweaking.

Advantages of Visual Composer:

  • Eliminates the need to write code by producing applications in a declarative form, and enables their execution in multiple runtime environments
  • Provides application development lifecycle support in the modeling environment by maintaining a model as the primary development artifact
  • Has an open architecture that allows developers to extend its design-time environment and the modeling language, as well as integrate external services and components
  • Enables a major productivity gain in application development, reducing development effort from weeks and months to single days
  • Provides domain experts with the tools to express their requirements directly, thus narrowing the gap between application definition and implementation

Final Word
Visual Composer is being developed as a tool that can be used by business process experts (BPX) with no coding skills, as well as by application developers or architects who have sufficient knowledge of the business domain and requirements they need to implement.
Its learning curve is short and its toolset is flexible enough to serve a range of users with different skill levels, enabling a user with basic skills to become productive relatively quickly, and an advanced user to create complex and powerful applications.

Visual Composer is a modeling tool that enables the execution of its models in multiple runtime environments. Visual Composer has supported the SAP Web Dynpro, Adobe Flash Player and Voice XML-compliant third-party voice gateway as runtime clients for its applications.

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By Nikhil Joshi. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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