Universal Worklist enables SAP Enterprise Portal users to access worklist items running on remote CE 7.2 (Composition Environment) system using very simplified and comprehensive configuration approach.

Why do we need to configure UWL for remote system?

  • Easy handling and maintenance of work items.
  • Enhanced end user experience by logging to single portal system to access all worklist items at centralized location.
  • Time efficient and easy to use.

How to configure UWL for Worklist items on Remote CE system?

Create new technical system for provider CE system

  • Go to System Administration > System Configuration > System Landscape Overview. Create a new or select a folder to keep a technical system in it.
  • Right click on folder. Select New > System > Web Service System.
  • Define appropriate system name and provide other key details as follows.
    • System Name: GPRemote
    • System Alias: GPRemote (This alias will be used at time of UWL configuration)
    • Logon Method: UIDPW
    • User Mapping Type: admin, user
    • WSDL: http://:<hostname>:<port>/GPWorkItemProvider/Default?wsdl
      Provide hostname and port number for your remote CE system.

    Note: User id on remote system must be same as on consumer CE system.

Create new connector system for UWL

  • For UWL configuration guidelines to register new UWL system,refer my blog.
    Note: Make sure to use same System Alias as defined in above step.

For other SAP Universal Worklist Integration Benefits,refer my blog.

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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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