SAP Voice Technology helps us to implement the interaction between human users and digital device/system. The integration of Voice technology with SAP enables the applications to combine the world of voice with SAP data and processes. SAP Voice technology makes it possible for users to interact with SAP back-end system (like ERP, CRM, SCM etc) to access data (or update data) via speech interaction.

By using SAP Voice Technologies, some business process steps and processing time can be reduced. As voice recognition technologies has been developed, large organizations started to adopt these in order to automate some business processes such as answering/transferring a call and interacting customer’s requirements. Hence SAP Voice Technologies can reduce the business cost and provide better services to employees and customers as well.

Implementation Scenario:
•    Traveler can track the flight.
•    Customer can create an order and check the status.
•    User can call for support.
•     GPS based driving directions.
•    Field technicians dial in to report a malfunction.
•    Employee call to work to report their absence.
•    User can reset his password by telephone call.

Advantage of Voice-enabled Application:
•    SAP Voice Application can reduce business cost by automating the business process.
•   SAP Voice Application enables user to access/update the information at any time.
•    Supports voice interaction from different device like telephone, mobile, microphone etc.
•    SAP Voice Eliminates paper-based transactions

Features of SAP NetWeaver Voice:
•    SAP NetWeaver Voice can be fully integrated with the SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 and above which provides development and run-time environment.
•    SAP NetWeaver Voice Application can be developed using Visual Composer (Voice Kit), a graphical model.
•    Easy access to SAP/ non-SAP backend business transaction via enterprise services, RFC or BAPI.
•    SAP Voice applications support multiple languages. So the same default VoiceXML gateway can be used for supporting several language options.
•    SAP Voice supports full-fledge software lifecycle (developing, administering, deploying, logging, and monitoring) for voice applications.

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By Sreedhar Babu (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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