This blog describes certain measures or practices which can be followed to optimize performance of SAP WebDynpro application. These measures can help in reducing load and minimizing memory consumption on the server.


Webdynpro is SAP’s proprietary framework to create and develop web based UI applications. While designing and developing webdynpro applications, performance is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Some of the factors that have direct impact on performance of webdynpro application are scalability, storage and its core components including user interface, context, methods etc. Here are some of the tips to optimize the performance of SAP webdynpro application:

Scalability affects the performance a lot. Let us suppose one is large scale application involving a large number of web users and other is small scale application with less number of users. Both will have variation in performance depending upon the technology as JAVA being more supportive to large scale applications due to powerful J2EE server.

While designing webdynpro application, some best practices regarding context, view, methods may play a vital role in improvisation of application’s performance. Few among them are:

  • Context should be preferred for storing data rather than temporary storage through methods. Data declarations and data types should be stored in attributes of that particular view.  For global data types, they need to be stored in component controller’s attributes. Make proper use of methods available either in component controller or in views. This will reduce the coding effort. Hence will save lot of time.
  • Context memory should not hold too large dataset in order to avoid repeated and multiple hits to database for accessing data because it would consume time and decrease performance.
  • It is better to avoid mapping of context nodes if not necessary.  Also, if coding and some data types already been declared for data binding have not come into use, should be removed for performance issue.
  • Table paging in webdynpro java is very significant technique to minimize memory consumption, enhance UI and optimize performance. In large scale applications, sometimes tables are displayed with thousand of records. Such case requires paging concept in backend which will speed up the table interaction for example: rapid table display, rapid scrolling etc.



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By Manish Agarwal. (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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