SAP Web Dynpro is a web application user interface technology. This technology is used to make UI for SAP based Applications. Here we are referring to Java Web DynPro, there are other version also available like ABAP Web DynPro, but here we will use Java one.

SAP WebDynpro

The Flash Islands technology is based on Adobe Flex. Using Adobe Flex, we can create Rich Internet Applications and then embed them as Flash Islands in a Web Dynpro (ABAP or Java) application.

Flash Island creates a bridge between SAP and Flex which provides a library for communication. This library contains many methods which helps to communicate with SAP very easily.

Adobe Flash and Flex application is compiled as Shock Wave Flash (SWF) file that can be executed with the Adobe Flash Player. The Adobe Flash Player is available as a Web browser plug-in for browser version and platform.

Eg: xyz_application.swf – Flash file

The Flash Islands will be developed in the Adobe Flex Builder and loaded into the MIME repository.

In WebDynpro, a Flash Island is set as Root Element.

i.Adobe Flash and Flex Component compile into swf files.
ii.The swf file is imported into the web Dynpro component.
iii.Web Dynpro application is created and published to the application server.
iv.The Flash Island can be referred by browsers with the Flash player plugin.

  • The flash view provides a rich user experience, better look and feel for all Web Dynpro-based applications.
  • The integration of Flash technology into Web Dynpro Java gives us almost unlimited flexibility and freedom to include Flash components in SAP applications.
  • Texts in the Flash Island can be translated if they are passed from the Web Dynpro context.
  • The Adobe Flash player is available on almost any PC. It runs on multiple platforms and provides sophisticated user interaction capabilities.


Prerequisites :-
To implement Flash Island applications for Web Dynpro Java, we require the following :-
a)SAP NetWeaver Java CE 7.1.1 or above
b)Flex SDK 3.3
c)Adobe Flash Builder 4
d)Flash Island library for Flex

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By Shantanu Deshpande (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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