SAP products viz. Business Intelligence (SAP BW), Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), Business Objects (SAP BO), SAP Portal (ESS/MSS) and others were either already web based or later made web enabled. Many times, ECC customers are faced with a common question – How to access SAP anytime anywhere from a browser, without installing anything on the workstation?  ITS, BSP, Webdynpros, Web service, Java/NET Connector etc are some of the options SAP Netweaver provides as a development technology and runtime environment for SAP applications, either standard or custom, so that they can be accessed via a browser.


This blog is a part of 6 blog series on Web Enable SAP and here we will discuss the 4th option for web enable SAP.

Options for web enabling are:

  1. ITS – Internet Transaction Server
  2. BSP – Business Server Pages
  3. ABAP Webdynpro
  4. Java Webdynpro
  5. ASP/JSP/.NET /Perl/Other Web development technology
  6. Creating a web service inside SAP

Let us briefly try to understand the 4th option:

Java Webdynpro:
This is the JAVA flavor of the MVC based webdynpro technology. For this there are two things which are a must. The SAP server should have JAVA stack and the front-end workstation should have installation of NWDS (Netweaver Developer Studio) for development purpose.  Compared to ABAP webydnpro, we cannot use any abap coding inside java webdynpro. It means that we cannot fetch data from a database table using a simple select query. So we need to use / create a function module in SAP which is RFC enabled. So for every small functionality which may involve either getting information from SAP tables or storing some information in SAP tables, we need to have a RFC enabled function module, either standard of a custom developed. For calling this function module from Java we need to write special syntax. Another option is using web service. We can use / create a web service in ECC (web service wrapper over RFC enabled function module) and the web service can be called from Java webdynpro. Calling a web service has different syntax in Java. Here again additional development efforts are required for any functionality which we need to web enable.

  • This technology is Java based, and hence the preferred choice of many.
  • Webdynpro for Java is a better choice as compared to Abap Webdynpro when it comes to robust and scalable applications.


  • Compared to BSP and Abap Webdynpro, separate installation of NWDS is required on the front-end to develop JAVA Webdynpro.
  • Since we cannot use ABAP syntax/logic inside the Java Webdynpro, we necessarily have to create or use a RFC enabled function module in SAP, and call it from inside the Java Webdynpro. Hence this adds to the development efforts.
  • The Java team and ABAP team need to fix on the design/interface/RFCs and may need to frequently co-ordinate in case there are any changes.
  • Promote to Production is integrated with SAP’s transport management system in case of BSP and ABAP Webdynpro. However for JAVA Webdynpro a separate installation and setup of NWDI (Netweaver Development Infrastructure) is required.
  • There are no standard JAVA Webdynpro applications available, hence development efforts are required for any standard functionality which we require to web enable.

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By Sreedhar Babu (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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