SAP Provides us a very powerful Adobe Designer tool with inbuilt editors and elements which can be added or deleted at runtime in the WebDynpro. In this blog we will take an overview of Data binding between the WebDynpro Java View and Adobe LiveCycle Designer.
While Designing Adobe in the Webdynpro Java View SAP auto generates a schema definition file and provides it to the adobe designer.We can use the Interactive Forms UI Element in our WebDynpro View.

1. In our WebDynpro applications view, add Interactive Form UI element in it.Design your layout with the help of your local node. Make a single attribute having any name with data type as binary.Your Node structure will look like fig shown Below.


2. We must bind the data source property of Interactive Form with Parent Node of our view in order to access the view elements in Adobe LiveCycle Designer.Other binding properties of Interactive Form are shown in fig below


3. Then Right Click on Interactive Form and say edit your Adobe Designer will open.In this your DataView of Adobe Designer you will find your local node and its corresponding elements.You can easily drag and drop your elements and can design the Adobe Form.


4. After adding elements in your view your form will look like this.


Hence Your application for an adobe form Generation is ready. You can test your application on browser.Below are the screen shots for the process.


After clicking on Generate adobe Button you can see the generated adobe form.


This is the easier way to generate the Interactive Adobe forms.Adobe Interactive forms are designed specifically to avoid the communication barriers. Actually these adobe forms save a lot of valuable time in the process taking place between customers and sellers.

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