How to Find Right SAP Support and Maintenance Provider? Read It Here

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How to Find Right SAP Support and Maintenance Provider

More and more SAP customers are exploring the option of outsourcing their SAP Support services because it comes with number of benefits. Outsourcing your SAP support and maintenance can result in reduced IT operational costs, improved service quality of SAP, greater uptime of SAP Services and most importantly more focus of internal resources on business’s core competencies.

However SAP Outsourcing comes with risks too. It requires handing over complete control of your SAP system to third party support provider including the mission critical business data. Therefore, any decision to outsource the support and maintenance services should be evaluated against the possible benefits and risk factors before taking a final call.

How to determine if the Outsourcing partner is the right fit for your SAP support needs?

That is the million dollar question.  Now let us demystify this intriguing puzzle.

  • Few things to look in the SAP Support partner are: how fast is their response time, how they help in case of enhancements, integration, upgrades etc , how well they can support in your industry specific requirements ?
  • To take care of your outsourcing needs, the outsourcing service provider need to be reliable, competent and need to be well experienced in dealing with nitty-gritty of complex SAP projects across SAP modules.

Here Apprisia comes into picture. Apprisia has years of experience in helping the small and mid-size businesses across 11 countries including North  American and European SMEs  to cut costs and get maximum mileage out of their SAP installation and enabling them to focus more upon their core business areas.

Apprisia can help companies in various requirements such as SAP consulting, business process management, master data harmonization, data migration, support and maintenance and technical upgrades etc.

Apprisia advantages:

  • Big pool of SAP certified consultants delivering expert solutions.
  • 24/7 Support including weekends and holidays.
  • You have direct control over the dedicated team including assigning tasks to team members.
  • Dedicated SAP support consultants with skill set across SAP modules.
  • Rich past experience of servicing more than 35 clients across 11 countries and from diverse     industries such as engineering, chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, banking etc.

If your business runs nonstop, why can’t your SAP?  That’s the principle behind Apprisia’s SAP Enterprise support services.
Apprisia understands that each business’s requirement is different and offers its support and maintenance services at three different levels.


  • Extends Support services to fix existing system errors.
  • Tracks and resolves service requests within specified time limit.


  • Provides additional SAP troubleshooting , handling user queries
  • Tracks and resolves service requests within specified time limit.
  • Available as an annual contract or on time basis.


  • Provides direct access to dedicated team of SAP consultants
  • Includes Project and design advice, configuration, ABAP programming and web portal services
  • Includes projects like  integrations, upgrades, adding enhancements to existing application      modules, developing forms and layout sets, data conversions, and performance analysis etc
  • Available as an annual contract or on time basis

If you are convinced with the answer or have more follow up questions please do not hesitate to share your business specific SAP challenges with principle SAP consultant at Apprisia for a no obligation consultation reply.

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By Ajit Borade (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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