Mid size companies are always looking to find the opportunities to improve their supply chain operations with quick win projects. With simple analysis and business priorities in focus, we can identify SAP optimization projects where the investment would pay off quickly.


Key criteria for companies to identify improvement opportunities in their organization:

  • Manual Process
  • Disconnected Process such as process spanning between several participants and hand-off between people
  • Error Prone Processes such as ones involving manual typing of data
  • Processes needing timely alerts or notifications to allow the business to take remedial action
  • Processes involving strategic decision making that need overview of historical data

In our experience, the following scenarios are quick wins with potential for significant returns in the long run:

  • Supplier collaboration portal: intent to exchange business data with vendors such as forecasts, schedules, purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, returns, invoices, payment status
  • Field sales portal or mobile access: intent to allow the sales force and channel partners to get access to business data (residing in SAP) to effectively conduct sales such as inventory availability check, price catalog, customer order status, service order status, customer contracts
  • Approval workflows within the organization such as purchase requisition to the purchase order cycle, travel expense approvals etc.
  • Improvement in the purchasing cycle and vendor contracts adherence by analysis of purchase orders. Intelligent consolidation of purchase orders to qualify for better pricing and discounts.
  • Alerts to the business to be notified on important “events” such as goods in transit. For cross-border shipments, alerts can significantly assist in speeding up the customs clearance, arranging compliance paperwork and coordinating the different agencies involved.


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By Abhishek Khandelwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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