SAP remote consulting or SAP offsite consulting is being increasingly adopted by customers globally. There are major benefits for SAP customers such as access to high quality SAP consulting services, access to high quality SAP talent, access to SAP consultants for fractional requirements, reduced consulting rates compared to local rates and many others. SAP outsourcing and SAP remote consulting services is being adopted as a central strategy by many large customers globally.

Understandably, customers have hesitation and lack of clarity on how to work with their service provider for remote SAP consulting services. Customers would tend to pay higher to get local SAP consultants rather than “try” this new method of getting SAP development and support services.

There are challenges of timezone, language and the absence of physical face-to-face meetings which are the immediate concerns of any customer. Many service providers are located in India, and they are several hours ahead of the customers in Europe and the Americas. The consultants are fluent in spoken and written English, and have exposure to major European languages. We are able to address these challenges through hiring of local consultants that interact with the customer locally. Our teams work on flexible hours to match the working hours of the customer; we use collaboration tools like instant messenger, screen sharing and video conferencing.

Many large customers have been operating internally across their distributed global offices, and they are comfortable operating across languages and timezones. SAP AG, for instance, has the development teams distributed across Walldorf, Germany and the development centers in India and other locations.

Many mid-size SAP customers in the USA and Europe are now seriously considering the option of remote consulting and remote support development due to the access to expert SAP skills and compelling cost advantages. These SAP customers are the mid-size organizations that have traditionally used the local SAP consultants; they are now reaching out to SAP service providers to start a pilot for remote consulting and remote support services.

SAP remote consulting has challenges but it is a practical and cost effective option for getting effective and dependable SAP services. Many SAP customers are able to develop a deep partner relationship with their service providers. SAP customers should attempt to make use of this remote consulting service to complement their existing SAP service processes.

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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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