In most organizations, the SAP infrastructure is maintained through a team of SAP consultants sitting full time in the head office. The SAP team looks after all SAP functional areas, SAP technical development, SAP BASIS maintenance, and interacts with the business to resolve all their SAP issues.

Often, there are issues related to:

  • Having a full time SAP consultant to address a functional area where there are few support requests or development requests.
  • Having a SAP consultant to manage and juggle many different functional areas. This leads to SLA issues when many issues pile up simultaneously
  • Unable to address complex issues due to high costs involved in getting a Senior SAP consultant to the customer location
  • Unable to implement advanced SAP modules (such as SAP APO) due to lack of inhouse talent for current and future support needs for these advanced modules
  • Departure of inhouse team members due to attrition. Since the inhouse team is usually stretched, the departure of any team member adversely affects the SAP support to the business

For all the above reasons, the customer organization continues to stick with the current implementation and the older SAP releases, and unable to innovate or implement advanced SAP products.

Remote consulting is catching up with many customers to address all the above issues.
Remote consulting allows you the following benefits:

  • Access to advanced SAP skills and SAP talent. It is a fact that many Senior SAP consultants are unable to travel as much as they would like to! Hence, many Senior SAP consultants are constrained to serve their local geographic areas only.
  • Cost reduction and control of SAP support budget. Remote consulting is always significantly cheaper than calling the Senior SAP consultant to physically arrive at our offices.
  • Access to SAP functional services on Fractional basis. Many SAP service providers offer SAP services at less than full time basis. This is valuable for companies to get support for SAP services that have less support requests.

Today, many customer organizations are becoming receptive to the idea of SAP services delivered remotely. For many large global organizations, they are already geographically distributed over multiple locations and timezones and collaborating over the phone, Webex and VPN. For most organizations, remote consulting fits seamlessly with their current SAP team. Considering the advantages of access to sparse SAP talent and huge cost advantages, remote SAP consulting is the smart way to get access to SAP talent.

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By Manish Agarwal (on behalf of SAP Consulting Team)

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