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Apprisia Using SAP Support Services to Resolve Travel & Expenses Reimbursement


Incurring business expenses has been generally accepted as a necessary cost of doing business and these cost if not properly monitored can become excessive over time. Businesses now have the options of:

  • Using a web-based application known as Concur to control Travel expenses
  • Using SAP Support to Integrating their expense reports into SAP BAPI
  • Eliminating manual and paper based report

Businesses at times find it difficult to handle travel & expenses because of the following problems:

  • Improper recording, over billing, and late reimbursement of expenses
  • Decreased morale among employees caused by late reimbursement of expenses
  • Reduced efficiency and productivity caused by employee low morale

These issues need to be resolved because without it, business efficiency and effectiveness will be affected. It is important to resolves these issues because:

  • Employees need to focus more on their duties, and not filling out reports.
  • Businesses need to effectively control and regulate its expenses effortlessly and accurately
  • Too much man-hours are lost in manually filling out reports

To overcome these challenges, Apprisia has introduced Unicode files that are loaded from Concur in SAP and field are mapped using SAP BAPI & Function Modules to post financial entries against employee travel expenses. The following benefits are now being enjoyed by the organization:

  • Travel smarter – enforce in-policy travel even on the go
  • Reduce costs – automation lowers transaction and processing costs
  • Save time – travel data automatically populates expense reports
  • Enforce policies – company policies are written into the solution automatically
  • Increase satisfaction – faster employee reimbursement increases job satisfaction
  • Eliminate paper – through online processing and e-receipts

These days SAP Support Services need to be comprehensive to encompass all facets of financial accounting records, the proper SAP Support integrating SAP BAPI most times makes a great difference.

Need Help:

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By Shikha Jhala (SAP Consultant)

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