Apprisia’s SAP Professional Services Improving Profit Margin through Product Modifications

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Among the many listed objectives for establishing a business, to make profit and grow always seems to top the list. Profits are even more important because it ensures growth. Being profitable as a business means meeting customers demands timely and in an optimally efficient manner. However, at times, customers demands may change occasioned by changes in either the external environment or the internal environment of the business. When these changes occur, businesses must react positively to meet those changes and at the same time maintain its profit margin; therefore the need to consult the right SAP Professional Services to implement their SAP PP, SAP MM, and SAP FICO becomes paramount.

While it is desirable to be able to modify products to meet customers demands, most times it’s not feasible because these modifications require system-wide updated masters and execution process. Again existing system scenario makes it impossible to match these requirements; and most SAP Professional Services do not have alternatives when implementing this on SAP PP, SAP MM, and SAP FICO for clients.

However, Apprisia’s SAP Professional Services with its perfect analysis and business understanding has been able to overcome this challenge by modifying masters like material master, bill of materials, production versions, routing and appropriately linked all masters to capture the required data at execution level. This ensures their ability to deliver the exact product with its variation to all customers at all times, be it SAP PP, SAP MM, or SAP FICO.

With this solution, the customer can plan, design and engineer product specifications variants to meet changing customers and market demands. The customer can also internally plan, schedule and deliver complete process and product without unnecessary delay and issues with the appropriate specifications. Finally, the Planning and the Execution department can work closely and share appropriate information to ensure an error-free process. Use the SAP Professional Services that offer value for money in your SAP PP, SAP MM and SAP FICO and watch your profit margin grow.

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Prashant Sakhare

SAP Consultant