Checklist for Choosing the Right SAP Consulting Service Provider

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are not the conventional systems where you install and configure the systems once in a lifetime and then forget about it. Instead, ERP solutions (such as SAP) are the ones, which will continue to function seamlessly as long as your business is operating, provided that you choose the right SAP consulting service provider or SAP partner, who takes good care of the complete work infrastructure.

Per the survey, even the highly-experienced, talented industry experts get confused while making a choice between right SAP consulting services, or SAP consulting service provider. It is because this choice can make or break your company’s ERP system infrastructure. This choice is very critical as it has very long term effects on the progressive journey of your organization.

Needless to say, the correct choice of SAP partner is as significant as selecting the right SAP solution for your company. Remember, it is easy to go wrong, but very difficult to rectify things later.

So, the question may arise in your mind as to how to choose between the right SAP consulting service provider? Here is the checklist that helps you to select the right SAP ERP implementation partner.

Expertise in your industry
This is an essential factor to check while selecting your SAP partner. The ERP implementation partner you’re investing in to must have a proven track record. If they tell you about their case studies or referrals, then don’t forget to cross-check the same. You’ll surely find some interesting and reliable information about the partner-to-be from the referrals, and this information will be useful while dealing with your SAP consulting service provider. This expertise can be utilized in challenging situations.

Sufficient resources
Before making any tie-up for SAP consulting services, make sure that your partner has sufficient resources, which could serve you the seamless SAP consulting services. The partner should be right-sized to match the size of your organization. This way, you will obtain maximum commercial benefits from your partner with drastically reduced risks.

Demand for case studies
It is always recommended that you must ask for the case studies or free demos or even POCs from your SAP partner or SAP consulting service provider. This will help you assess their SAP consulting services, which will be utilized to manage your business processing. This will also give you a clear idea about the cases of your domain handled successfully by this firm, and what were the outcomes at the end.

Effective training plan
This is one of the most crucial factors to remember while selecting your ERP implementation partner. Your SAP partner must come up with a precise user training program or change management plan to guide you about the new SAP consulting services.

Appropriate implementation methodologies
Now, last but not least, do check which implementation methodology is proposed by your would-be SAP consulting service provider. Some SAP partners may recommend agile methodology, while some may suggest a waterfall methodology. It would be best if you determine and shortlist the one that suits best to your business requirement and system infrastructure. This helps to avoid future embarrassment.

So, these were some of the crucial pointers in the checklist for choosing the right ERP implementation partner that delivers the best suitable SAP consulting services to your organization.