Consuming Web Services (WSDL file) in ABAP to Send Data to Third Party Software

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With the continual expansion of e-commerce in the global market, it does not take much to convict that fleet management has taken even more imperative position in the successful working of the e-businesses.
However, making this execution even more precise, is deciding the appropriate approach of execution of the system integration.

Web services by far are the most universal tool known for its capabilities of integration with system of SAP support. Supported by most web enabled systems, they come in both synchronous and asynchronous flavors.

Roadnet Transportation Suite (third party) combines the best of fleet management – routing, dispatching, telematics, proof of delivery, and analytics thereby accomplishing the best execution of delivery.

The technology behind the establishment of third party interface:

What customers demand is the transfer of SAP data to Roadnet software via web service (WSDL file).

In order to achieve this goal, there is a two-step formula:
1. Maintain configuration on SAP server & create ports in SAP for establishment of connections.

2. Establish connection between third-party software and SAP by consuming WSDL file into SAP.

Let’s look at the total process!

Following is a step-by-step guideline to send the data from SAP to third party software.

  • We first induct the process by sending customers from SAP to Roadnet Transportation(third party).
  • Once customers are embedded inside the software interface, users from SAP can send their sales orders to Roadnet transportation.
  • Now, the third party routes all orders based on their sets of criteria and provide the routed information such as routing of shipments to customers, stops, truck name, drivers name, geocoding location etc. This real-time information from

Roadnet obtained via web service is then updated in the SAP servers.

The major benefits to the customer:

Fully automatic process. There is no hassle of sending of sales orders from the side of SAP. All you need to do is run the program.

  • Web service interface provides a virtual abstraction from the implementation layer.
  • Fully-integrated into development environment.
  • Full-fledged UDDI capabilities.
  • Standard compliant WSDL generation.
  • Pluggable features including security and protocols.
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Start your web service journey today itself and streamline your every fleet efficiently at ease!

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Mohit Sharma | SAP Consultant