If you require the best SAP experience, you must entail an SAP Support Providers who can offer you high-quality services that can fulfill your goals and vision and provide you with the right support in all areas of SAP. So, you need to choose reliable SAP support services that understand your requirements correctly. To choose the best SAP provider within your budget, you must go for a detailed discussion with each of the shortlisted providers.

Here are the five questions that you should ask your SAP partner before choosing them

1. Do you offer the latest technological support and communication workflows to support the recent SAP infrastructure?

Since SAP has many frameworks, you need to ensure the partner you choose is capable to offer services for the framework you use. They should offer you the right communication network alongside required workflows with instant and round-the-clock support. They should offer services like escalation management, excellent call to ensure your SAP projects are optimized. Hence, always make sure to check if they have the needed work personnel, skills, technical resources, and facilities to give you your desired SAP support.

2. Do you have an experienced team of SAP professionals for diverse industries?

Well, the requirements for SAP support changes with the industry. So, while choosing SAP support services, you need to check if the provider is capable to support the industry you deal with. The ideal choice would be a team of experienced and expert SAP professionals who have cross-industry experience in different sectors. Hence, check if they have the proven certificates to offer you support for your requirements. Try to check the details and ask for a reference from their other clients. This can help you a lot.

3. Which SAP support engagement models and support offerings do you provide?

You need to choose an SAP support provider who can offer you flexible support offerings. Rigid and inflexible SAP engagement models often do not provide a lot of help. On the other hand, flexible models allow you to deploy resources faster according to your business’s requirements. Even though such models are a little expensive, they offer a lot of advantages. Hence, always check if the provider can provide flexible SAP Engagement.

4. How do you upgrade your technology with time?

The next question you need to ask the shortlisted provider is how they upgrade according to the release of new technologies. The ideal SAP provider should be able to offer you SAP upgrades on time alongside proper data security without causing any problem to your data or present framework.

Check which latest SAP framework they have and are they capable to update their technology on time. Otherwise, you may have to spend more money during up-gradation.

5. What is your experience?

Choosing an SAP support provider without experience may cost you a lot. You need to choose someone who has the right knowledge and have worked in different industries in the past. Hence, always ask them honestly about their experience. You can also ask for references and past project details. If possible, contact some of the given concerns and ask about their experience with the particular SAP Support provider.

These questions will help you to determine the best SAP support provider according to your demands and budget for a smooth SAP operation.