The axiomatic statement to err is human has never been more real than in today’s business environment; but when errors occur, it is also normal to affect corrections. In business transactions, sometimes customers’ invoices already prepared and sent may require some corrections to be affected on them. Usually, the reasons for these corrections may vary, but it includes damaged goods returned; a discount given at a later date, or even change in the quoted price given to the customer. Whatever the case, the invoice already sent needs to be cancelled.

The standard SAP behavior provided by SAP Support especially those running SAP SD, and SAP FICO is to cancel the invoice in the previous month, but if the previous month is closed in the system, then the system does not create the corresponding accounting entry after the cancellation of the invoice and this creates accounting problems. And if the corresponding accounting entry is not made, this leaves a wrong balance in the books and turns out as a pending balance amount in the accounting department.

Apprisia SAP Enhancement from their SAP Support has overcome this challenge by giving the message to the user at the same time as cancelling the invoice. This SAP Enhancement feature from their SAP Support greatly differentiates their services from other SAP Support provided by other organizations especially those running SAP SD and SAP FICO.

This SAP Enhancement from SAP Support was greatly beneficial to the customer because if the previous month is closed, the system would not allow the user to cancel the billing document, but providing the message alert to the user while doing the cancelling process the accounting document will correct the values. So if your organization is using SAP SD or SAP FICO in its processes it is time to turn to the proper SAP Support that comes with SAP Enhancement.

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Prasahant Sakhare

SAP Consultant