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Technologies: SAP Adobe Interactive Forms, SAP WebDynpro, SAP ECC, SAP ABAP, SAP Portal, SAP Solution Manager

SAP Rollout Customizations (SD, PP) for US based Aerospace Major

The customer is the world leader in production of composites machining tools. The customer has played a major role in every major US aerospace composites program.

  • We developed notifications which needs to be sent to the customer confirming order receipt with delivery schedules for aftermarket sales.
  • We developed deliveries based on conditions like new plant and sales organization which required for shipping documentation.


Technologies: SAP ABAP.


Technologies: SAP Netweaver Portal, SAP JAVA Webdynpro, EJB/JPA.

Team Management, Goal Setting and Process Implementating using SAP Portals and WebDynpro

Guatemala based company engaged in Production and marketing of cement, concrete, lime and other materials for construction industry with over 100 years of existence:

  • We provided the client with a solution by replicating their existing two tools into a single application where they can create a meeting, create groups, assign tasks to different group members and create goals for each team member.
  • Upload/Download documents related to meeting from portal.
  • Meeting Invitation is sent from portal to user’s outlook or external email id, where it is saved in calendar and adds participants to the meeting from existing portal users as well as external users.


Technologies: SAP Netweaver Portal, SAP JAVA Webdynpro, EJB/JPA.


Technologies: SAP ECC, SAP Adobe Interactive Forms, SAP ABAP.

SAP Service Order Implementation using SAP Adobe Interactive Forms

Customer is a leading Swiss-based instrumentation and industrial process automation company. The customer produces instrumentation for use across diverse industry sectors in 44 countries. The customer has its products installed nationwide. It takes the assistance of local service technicians (external agencies) for repair and maintenance of its products. Our team is implementing a SAP Adobe Forms based solution for automating the service orders.

  • Customer calls with a product repair issue.
  • Service order is created in SAP.
  • This service order is emailed by SAP to the local service technician.
  • The technician performs the service, and emails the Adobe report.
  • All Information is automatically received and made available in SAP.

The service order report is available on the same business day (vs 5 days it took earlier).

Technologies: SAP ECC, SAP Adobe Interactive Forms, SAP ABAP.


Technologies: SAP Adobe Interactive Forms, SAP WebDynpro, SAP ECC, SAP ABAP, SAP Portal, SAP Solution Manager.

Material Master Data Management using SAP Adobe, SAP Portals and WebDynpro across 3 US Plants

The customer is the largest cement manufacturer in Colombia, with plants across USA, Mexico and Colombia. The customer has embarked on a business process optimization program to streamline the major business processes.

  • We are providing consulting and solution architecture for streamlining the Material Master Data Management process.
  • Our team has implemented the Material Master data process using SAP Adobe Forms, for the complete lifecycle of the Material master data.
  • The customer has benefitted through best practice consulting and solution approach for Master Data Management processes.


Technologies: SAP Adobe Interactive Forms, SAP WebDynpro, SAP ECC, SAP ABAP, SAP Portal, SAP Solution Manager.


Technologies: SAP BPM, SAP CE / Portal, SAP ECC, SAP Adobe Interactive Forms, SAP WebDynpro

Master Data Management (Customer, Vendor, Material) Implementation using SAP BPM Workflow

The customer is the largest cement manufacturer in Guatemala engaged in the production of cement, lime, ready mix concrete, dry premixed concrete and plaster. The customer has standardized on SAP business suite for its core operations for accounting, sales, order management, production and distribution. The customer has embarked on an ambitious plan to streamline core processes through a practical use of technology.

  • We are implementing an end-to-end solution for master data management for customer, materials, vendor creation and order management.
  • Business users include sales associates on the field, regional managers on the move, departmental users, back office users and third party contractors.
  • Workflows are being implemented through a practical usage of SAP BPM, browser based access, mobility access, Adobe Interactive forms and email interactions.


Technologies: SAP BPM, SAP CE / Portal, SAP ECC, SAP Adobe Interactive Forms, SAP WebDynpro.


Technologies: SAP ECC, Oracle, SAP BR Tools

SAP Migration and Business Data Archiving / Purging for Regional SAP Implementation

The customer is the third largest engineering and construction company in Latin America executing projects in the Oil Industry and Power generation. It has several group companies across Latin America. The customer has operations across Mexico and Venezuela on a shared SAP instance.

  • Our SAP team is conducting the SAP migration activities to create a copy of their global instance into a regional instance in Mexico.
  • Our SAP functional team is deleting the business data of other group companies such that the business data for Mexico is preserved.
  • Our team is conducting comprehensive regression testing to ensure system readiness, before deploying it to production for the Mexico region.


Technologies: SAP ECC, Oracle, SAP BR Tools.


Technologies: SAP ECC6, SAP PI, SAP Business Connector,

SAP ECC Integration with using SAP PI for customer and order information

The customer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of building products in Western Europe.

  • We integrated the customer’s SAP ERP with a hosted CRM solution.


Technologies: SAP ECC6, SAP PI, SAP Business Connector,


Technologies: SAP PI, SAP SOA, SAP ECC, Web Service Security

SAP ECC integration with WMS (B2B integration using SAP PI and SonicESB)

The customer is a leading multi-speciality company focussed on research, development and commercializing of pharmaceutical products in eye care, neurosciences, obesity, medical aesthetics, dermatology and urologics. The customer is entering the CIS Russia market through partnering with third party logistics provider. The project involves extending the SAP ECC system to Russia and integrating with the WMS system of the 3PL provider:

  • Design and development of SAP PI interfaces in a GxP validated environment..
  • B2B integration, interoperability testing and security/certificate management with the 3PL provider.
  • Integration for exchanging information on material master, GR, GI, goods movement.
  • Integration with the SonicESB platform (used by 3PL provider) for B2B integration.


Technologies: SAP PI, SAP SOA, SAP ECC, Web Service Security.