Case Studies / Engineering / Cement Major - Colombia/USA

Material Master Data Management using SAP Adobe, SAP Portals and WebDynpro across 3 US Plants

Largest Cement Manufacturer - Colombia:

  • The Client has plants across USA, Mexico and Colombia.
  • The Client has been running SAP ERP for several years for their financials, procurement and manufacturing.
  • The Client has embarked on a company wide initiative for streamlining business processes across SAP.


  • Master data management is a key process area that is undergoing optimization.
  • For Materials management, the existing process involves email/excel based communication for Material creation request, modify, extend (to another plant/bin) and deletion.
  • There is significant lead time involved in material creation (after duplication checks). The requester has to send email reminders to know the status.

Adobe Forms based process:

  • Our team has implemented SAP Adobe forms based process for complete process automation of the Material Master data management.
  • The user uses the SAP Adobe form (through ABAP WebDynpro) to select the request for material create, modify, extend or delete.
  • The SAP Adobe forms provides drop down values for important fields such as plant, material group and material type.
  • The SAP Adobe form does the data validation to ensure valid data provided by the user.
  • All SAP Adobe form requests are routed to the Material Master Manager. She sees all the requests in a central InBox.
  • The Material master manager can take action on each request.
  • For Material create request, we detect the presence of duplicate materials (to prevent duplicate material master creation).
  • The Material master manager is able to process the requests for material modify, extend and delete requests.
  • The requester is notified by email when his request has been processed by the Material manager. The email contains the processing status of the request such as the new material number.

Customer Benefits:

  • The new SAP Adobe forms based process is much simpler to use for the end users. The Form also captures data entry errors (such as duplicates, or invalid combinations).
  • The requester gets email notifications on the process status.
  • The Material manager can process the requests faster, and with fewer errors.