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Natural Gas Company - Nigeria

SAP HCM Implementation (PM, OM, Payroll, Travel, PA, Learning, Talent, eRecruitment)


NLNG was incorporated as a limited liability company on May 17, 1989, to harness Nigeria’s vast natural gas resources and produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) for export.

Business Need:

Apprisia looked at processes, organization, data and systems through the eyes of the business goals and strategy.


Our team pinpointed the changes needed in all these areas and address them as combined implementation package:


We re-designed business processes and organization, We changed or implemented the information systems needed, and worked all the way until it worked as it should. We provided best practice solutions in various streams and delivered the below-listed objects successfully.

1. Performance Management (PM):

  • Performance Management Workflows: Appraisee Schedule Meeting
  • Performance Management Workflows: Appraiser Approval Request
  • Performance Management Workflows: Appraisee Information Appraisal Document Approved
  • Performance Management Workflows: Appraisee Information Appraisal Document Rejected
  • Performance Management Workflows: Next Part Appraiser Appraisal Request
  • Performance Management Workflows: Appraisee Approval Request
  • Performance Management Workflows: Appraiser Information Appraisal Document Approved
  • Performance Management Workflows: Appraiser Information Appraisal Document Rejected

2. ECM (Enterprise Compensation Management):

  • Job Evaluation Report
  • Extract IPF score from IT0147- Enhancement
  • Salary Band report
  • Staff PIR (grouped) distribution – Report
  • Salary Management Chart (Guideline Matrix) Report
  • Merit increase report and Bonus Incentive report
  • Performance Incentive Bonus Budget report.

3. TV (SAP Travel Management):

  • Enhancement to PRAA program to include Partner transfer type
  • Travel Expense Form
  • Travel Request Form
  • Travel Expense Workflow Specification
  • Travel Planing Workflow
  • Travel Request Workflow

4. PA (Personnel Administration):

  • Study Leave without Pay Workflow Notification
  • Study Leave with Pay Workflow Notification
  • Career Break Workflow Notification
  • Return from study leave/Career break Workflow Notification
  • Cross Posting Workflow Notificationt
  • Return from Cross Posting Workflow Notification
  • Suspension Workflow Notification
  • Return from Suspension Workflow Notification
  • Exit Death in Service Workflow Notification
  • Exit – Dismissal/Termination/Redundancy Workflow Notification
  • Exit – Retirement Workflow Notification
  • Exit – Permanent Total Disability Workflow Notification
  • Exit – End of service/training Workflow Notification
  • Hire-Rehire Workflow Notification
  • Exit-Resignation- Workflow
  • Custom Info-type – Experience – Enhancement
  • Custom Info-type – Reference – Enhancement
  • Study Leave / Career Break Workflow Notification
  • Long term assignment/Short term Assignment Workflow Notification
  • Transfer/Redeployment Workflow Notification
  • Exit – Death in Service Workflow Notification

5. LSO (Learning Solutions):

6. PY (Payroll):

  • Payroll data upload program- Interface
  • Home Ownership Scheme – Form
  • Over deduction Report – Report
  • Compassionate Loan – Form
  • Benefits in Kind – Formt
  • Payslip Messages – Enhancement
  • Email Notification – Enhancement
  • Car Grant/Car Loan Scheme – Form
  • Voluntary Pension Fund – Form
  • Duplicate Banking detail Report – Report
  • Payroll Variance Report
  • Smart form payslip

7. TM (Talent Management):

  • Employee Talent Profile Header – Enhancement
  • Talent Management Conversion Specification – Conversion
  • Talent Management Workflows: Approver – Approve Education Verification
  • Talent Management Workflows: Notification – 3/6 months Notification


  • SAP PI
  • SAP Portals & Adobe Forms


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