Case Studies / Engineering / Aerospace Major - USA

SAP Rollout Customizations (SD, PP) for US based Aerospace Major

Business Need & Our Solution:

  • The customer has acquired another business entity including their SAP systems. Apprisia successfully completed developments in several modules and provided prompt, efficient, friendly support to business as per need.


  • Developed notifications which needs to be sent to the customer confirming order receipt with delivery schedules for aftermarket sales.
  • Developed Deliveries based on conditions like new plant and sales organization which required for shipping documentation.
  • Developed Bill of Lading, Pick List, Shipper Instructions for Project delivery.
  • Developed Commercial invoice, Proforma Invoice for Project and After market Sales order.
  • Developed Delivery Note with new logo to be fetched based on conditions.


  • Developed Production Order printout and enhancements for the order route and production order header data along with item details