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Pharmaceutical Major - USA / Iceland

Pricing and Contracts Management – SAP BPM based Business Process Automation


Customer is a Pharmaceuticals Major engaged in drug discovery, research, manufacturing and distribution globally. The customer is focused on generic, brand and biosimilar products with operations in 60 countries.

Business Need:

To support business growth, the customer intends to streamline their drug pricing and contracts process. Our team has used the SAP BPM platform to implement the following major processes:


  • Price changes to NDCs in customer contracts.
  • Bulk changes to customer contracts (such as NDC conversion due to a new acquisition).
  • New product launches to the customer.
  • RFP response for product combinations.


  • Institutionalize workflow automation.
  • Collaboration of various teams involved.
  • Time-critical decision making possible.
  • Integration to existing applications.
  • Alerting to relevant groups.
  • Auditing of approvals.
  • SOX compliance and Segregation of Duties.

Stakeholders in the business processes:

  • Field Sales : Selling new products to customers (pharmacies, distributors).
  • Marketing : Respond to RFQ and support field sales.
  • Supply Chain : Decision on “can we supply this product and quantity asked by customer”.
  • Contracts : Send new pricing contract to customer. Obtain signed contracts. Update new prices.
  • Financial Operations and Revenue Accounting : Monitor margins and Net average selling price.

Customer Benefits:

  • Collaborative.
  • True Pricing and proper decision making.
  • Parallel decision making.
  • Easy to Adapt for Future workflow changes.
  • Efficiency.
  • Offline Analysis.
  • Reporting.
  • Alerting to other groups (Supply Chain, Marketing).
  • Workflow History for Auditing.
  • SOX Compliance


  • SAP WebDynpro
  • SAP Portals CE


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