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Microsoft SharePoint Platform to Develop Incident Management Application

Business Need:

  • Customer is looking for an application to leverage their existing manual excel-based process to create and track Incidents effectively.
  • The process involves capturing different information related to Safety incidents with different inputs like text descriptions, visuals, MCQs format.
  • All the process needs to be run manually and there is no way generating status reports

Our Solution:

  • Developed a custom application that is embedded onto the company Intranet, that provides the ability to record the incidents similar to current process, with added functions like workflows, notifications.
  • There is ability to generate weekly/monthly reports to check the status of Incidents reported/closed

Customer Benefits:

  • The manual and tedious process of creating, maintaining & tracking the documents is replaced with Online & easy-to-maintain solution.
  • There can be multiple level of approvers depending on severity of Incident without having to bother about manual intervention and progress.