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Complex ABAP Integrations to Support the B2B and E-commerce Business Transactions and Mapping them to SAP

Business Need:

  • Customer is having the need to integrate data from different sources and get the transactions that are performed outside SAP, into SAP.

Our Solution:

  • Managing vendor Payments done through 'Batch for Books' and accounting them in SAP.
  • Expense & financial reports generated through 'Concur' recorded in SAP.
  • Sales Transactions done on online platforms like Amazon are recorded with the help of IDocs.
  • Extracting data within SAP and provide them to external tools like Power BI for advanced reporting.

Customer Benefits:

  • A powerful SAP system that provides all the necessary data and transactions at one place.
  • Flexibility to use different specialized tools as per Business needs without worrying about integration to SAP.