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Migrate SAP servers to Azure

Business Need:

  • We advised customer to move existing SAP servers on Azure.
  • We conducted meetings with Microsoft teams and customer application teams.

Our Solution:

  • We asked customer to move existing SAP servers on Azure.
  • We conduct meetings with Microsoft teams and Customer application teams.
  • We then asked application teams to collect baseline data. We moved our servers to Azure with the help of infrastructure and network team. After moving systems to Azure we tested SAP systems with baseline data which was collected previously.

Customer Benefits:

  • Remediate security risks by moving systems to the Microsoft Azure platform where security updates are available for 3 years.​
  • Enhance existing data centre capacity by connecting to Azure platform.​
  • Adds Azure infrastructure for improved reliability with new hardware and virtualization platform.
  • No increase in server hardware or virtualization management due to the built-in support of the Azure platform.​​
  • Leveraging new technologies to enhance service reliability, resiliency, and security.​​