Case Studies / Manufacturing / Manufacturing Major - USA and APAC
SAP PS Implementation to Manage Internal Projects

Business Need:

  • Customer is looking for a efficient way to manage their budgets for Procuring & manufacturing of materials.
  • Customer is having operation across different geographies and need to manage the distribution of activities and capture them accurately in the system.
  • There should be ability to record the costs & efforts at each stage of Production from Design to Finished product.

Our Solution:

  • We implemented the PS module for Customer that gives a robust way to create Projects for different assignments.
  • All the different phases of activity can be captured by creating WBS elements for different phases.
  • Employees can enter their Timesheet for the different activities, so that efforts are captured accurately and are accounted in the Project budget.
  • The PS Module is tightly integrated with the other modules like MM, SD, FI so that PR, PO's get created automatically and linked to the Project. Also the FI postings reflect in to the payments related to the Project.

Customer Benefits:

  • Customer has the benefit of making use of their existing SAP setup to the fullest without having to look for external applications to manage the work.