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Custom Fiori App to Utilize SAP DMS Functionality Efficiently

Business Need:

  • Customer is having strict Quality Management controls on their entire process of Manufacturing and the end product delivery. In this entire process, there are several documents that are generated and need to be handled and organized in a proper way.
  • Customer is therefore looking for a Custom application to utilize the SAP DMS functionality to organize the QM Documents in a systematic way.

Our Solution:

  • We have built a Custom Fiori App that would interface with the SAP DMS module and help Users create and manage the documents efficiently.
  • The Custom Fiori app gives the flexibility to have variations in the standard functionality to adapt to custom business needs and also provides the portability to use the application on web/mobile phones without having to logon to SAP.

Customer Benefits:

  • Customer has a simple interface to work with that runs on almost all devices.
  • All the SAP DMS functions can be managed easily alongwith catering to the Custom business requirements like maintaining Distribution lists, notification emails etc.