Pharmaceutical Major - USA/ICELAND

Pricing and Contracts Management - SAP BPM based Business Process Automation

Customer is a Pharmaceuticals Major engaged in drug discovery, research, manufacturing and distribution globally. The customer is focused on generic, brand and biosimilar products with operations in 60 countries.

To support business growth, the customer intends to streamline their drug pricing and contracts process. Our team has used the SAP BPM platform to implement the following major processes:

  • Price changes to NDCs in customer contracts.
  • Bulk changes to customer contracts (such as NDC conversion due to a new acquisition).
  • New product launches to the customer.
  • RFP response for product combinations.

Technologies: SAP BPM, SAP WebDynpro, SAP Portals CE, SAP ABAP, SAP ECC, SAP HANA.

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Team Management, Goal Setting and Process Implementating using SAP Portals and WebDynpro

Guatemala based company engaged in Production and marketing of cement, concrete, lime and other materials for construction industry with over 100 years of existence:

  • We provided the client with a solution by replicating their existing two tools into a single application where they can create a meeting, create groups, assign tasks to different group members and create goals for each team member.
  • Upload/Download documents related to meeting from portal.
  • Meeting Invitation is sent from portal to user's outlook or external email id, where it is saved in calendar and adds participants to the meeting from existing portal users as well as external users.
Technologies: SAP Netweaver Portal, SAP JAVA Webdynpro, EJB/JPA.
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Material Master Data Management using SAP Adobe, SAP Portals and WebDynpro across 3 US Plants

The customer is the largest cement manufacturer in Colombia, with plants across USA, Mexico and Colombia. The customer has embarked on a business process optimization program to streamline the major business processes.

  • We are providing consulting and solution architecture for streamlining the Material Master Data Management process.
  • Our team has implemented the Material Master data process using SAP Adobe Forms, for the complete lifecycle of the Material master data.
  • The customer has benefitted through best practice consulting and solution approach for Master Data Management processes.
Technologies: SAP Adobe Interactive Forms, SAP WebDynpro, SAP ECC, SAP ABAP, SAP Portal, SAP Solution Manager.
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SAP ICC Certification and SAP Integration of Pharmaceutical Validation Software

The customer is a leading provider of Validation Lifecycle Management Systems (VLMS) for the Life Sciences Industry.
Regulated manufacturing companies are compelled to plan, implement and document validation activities for instruments, equipment, computer systems, processes and the methods used for product manufacturing, as a way of meeting regulatory requirements.

The ValGenesis Suite manages the validation activities electronically, and it is fully compliant with U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

  • Apprisia has integrated the ValGenesis Suite with SAP Business Suite through the SAP NetWeaver platform.
  • Our team provided the solution architecture and integration approach towards this integration.
  • We have provided the end-to-end services for getting the SAP Certification from SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC).

Technologies: SAP ECC, SAP PI.

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SAP Portals implementation for Public Services for Citizen Self-Service

The customer is the municipal corporation of a large urban area with a high population density, an intense movement of people, goods and services, extensive development and multiple business districts and industrial areas. The customer is standardizing on SAP business suite for integrated development planning and execution.

  • Our SAP NetWeaver team is conducting SAP Portals and SAP CE development towards citizens self service applications.
  • Design and development to ensure SAP Portals availability on multiple browsers and platforms used by the diverse user base.
Technologies: SAP Portals, SAP CE, Java WebDynpro.
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SAP Portals implementation, customization and branding

The customer is Africa's largest and most consistently successful retailers of food, general merchandise and clothing. Today, the Group has a total of 775 stores, made up of Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Family Stores, employing over 38,000 people. The customer has standardized on SAP Retail suite for running core business operations across the business.

  • Our SAP NetWeaver team is conducting development for SAP Portals related to branding updates, user login and management.
  • Coordination with their Brand Management department for style guides and specifications.
  • The paper documents are scanned into SAP DMS against the customer. The SAP Workflow travels across various departments; these customer documents are verified by various departments for completeness and authenticity. After all checks, the customer is created in SAP with credit limits and order placement.
Technologies: SAP Portals, Java WebDynpro.
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SAP Portals based self service applications for a leading Automotive OEM

The customer is a leading global supplier of ride control, emissions control and elastomer products to original equipment and aftermarket customers worldwide. The customer is using SAP Portals for interaction with distributors and aftermarket distribution channel.

  • Our SAP NetWeaver team is conducting SAP Portals development related to the user login, user management and self service applications.
  • Branding and style guide adherance to reflect the branding as provided by their marketing and brand management department.
Technologies: SAP Portals, Java WebDynpro.
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Loan Origination and Financial Processes on SAP Banking and SAP BPM

The customer is a leading provider of mortgage financing for individual housing and commercial lending in Mexico. The customer has major business processes on legacy platform which are partly manual and not integrated with SAP Banking platform.

  • We are implementing the core banking processes on SAP NetWeaver and SAP IS-Banking platforms to enable loan origination and other financial processes.
  • The customer is able to get access to expert SAP Netweaver skills (not available in Mexico) and a highly committed partner to deploy SAP in their organization.

Technologies: SAP IS-Banking, SAP BPM, SAP BRM, SAP Portals, SAP WebDynpro, Enterprise Services.

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Eye Care Pharmaceuticals Major - USA

SAP SOA Based Architecture, Design Guidelines and Best Practices for SAP to NonSAP Integration

The customer is a leading pharmaceuticals company engaged in eye care, neurosciences and dermatology.

  • We are providing expert architectural guidance and training towards SAP SOA modeling, usage of SAP ESR, SAP SR, naming guidelines, SAP SOA Security using SAML, and integrating nonSAP Services (J2EE, .NET) with SAP SOA Tools.
  • Our team of SAP SOA experts has been working closely with the customer's team of enterprise architects to establish SOA guidelines, enterprise architecture, best practices, service cataloging and training for adoption by their other SAP and Microsoft development teams.
  • The customer is able to get access to expertise in SOA, and the best practices for developing SAP to non-SAP integrations and business applications.

Technologies: SAP BPM, SAP WebDynpro, SAP Portals CE, SAP ABAP, SAP ECC, SAP HANA

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SAP NetWeaver implementation for ESS, MSS, Adobe based self service applications

The customer is India's largest Automotive manufacturer across passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

  • We partnered with the customer's SAP team to implement SAP NetWeaver based scenarios across the organization.
  • The customer is benefitting through access to world class expertise in SAP NetWeaver and the best practices for business scenarios on the SAP NetWeaver platform.
Technologies: SAP Portals, WebDynpro, Adobe Forms, CAF, Visual Composer, NWDI, SAP ECC, SAP HR.
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Cancer Pharmaceuticals Major - USA

SAP NetWeaver based Procurement Application with integrations to SAP ECC and SAP SRM.

The customer is a leading cancer research and manufacturing company. The customer implemented SAP SRM 3.0 several years back, and facing issues in effectively using the SAP SRM system.

  • We implemented a pure SAP NetWeaver based User Interface to provide rich functionality to the user.
  • The customer is able to extend the life of their SAP SRM investments by giving a highly usable user interface to the business.
  • The offsite development provided significant cost reduction to the customer.
Technologies: SAP SRM, ABAP, SAP Portals, SAP Webdynpro, SAP CAF, SAP Adobe Forms
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SAP BW reporting for SAP Retail implementation for a leading US convenience store

The customer is a convenience store retailer on the US East Coast. The customer has implemented SAP IS-Retail including SAP Portals, SAP BW and SAP PI.

  • We provided development services in SAP BW reporting and report management, with integration to SAP Retail and SAP Portals.
  • The customer benefitted through access to SAP BW skills in a retail environment, and cost reduction due to offsite development.
Technologies: SAP IS-Retail, SAP BW, SAP Portals, SAP WebDynpro, SAP KM.
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Migration of Microsoft .NET based product to SAP NetWeaver, and SAP Integration for a leading MES

The customer is a leading ISV software product company providing leading edge MES software for shop floor data acquisition, analysis and control in the Food, Beverage and Paper pulp industries. The customer intends to sell to the SAP customer base through a SAP-platform based product offering.

  • We built a comprehensive application providing MES features on the SAP NetWeaver platform to enable a SAP compliant product offering.
  • The customer benefitted through access to world class SAP NetWeaver consulting and solution approach.
  • The offsite development provided compelling cost reduction to the ISV customer to provide the product release to their SAP customers.
Technologies: SAP Portals, SAP WebDynpro, SAP PI, SAP ECC.
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SAP ICC Certification and SAP Integration of a leading Software ISV

The customer is the leading software ISV for managing background Jobs in enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, AS/400, J2EE, Mainframe and similar business applications. The customer is approaching SAP customers for managing SAP background jobs in the software product suite.

  • Our team provided a standards based integration approach to expose the SAP background jobs management APIs in the form of standards compliant web services.
  • Additionally, we work closely with the customer to successfully deploy their product at SAP customers.
Technologies: SAP ABAP, SAP Web Services, SAP SOA.
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SAP FSCM and SAP Credit Collections Integration

Apprisia helped a leading Credit Rating and Analysis provider in the USA by developing a SAP native product to extract credit data from SAP FSCM, and Credit and Collection modules.
Our team integrated the SAP data with their Microsoft .NET based product for credit analysis using their proprietary techniques

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SAP ECC Integration with using SAP PI for customer and order information

The customer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of building products in Western Europe.

  • We integrated the customer's SAP ERP with a hosted CRM solution.
Technologies: SAP ECC6, SAP PI, SAP Business Connector,
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