Are you too dependent on one SAP consultant?

Finding a top notch SAP consultant is priceless. But once you do find one, you do what anyone else would. You rely on them more and more. You’re happy, they’re happy. But can this seemly perfect situation be dangerous? It can, if fate doesn’t share your plans.

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Now imagine, this beloved consultant you rely on, gets clobbered by a bus on his way to work one day. Thankfully, he lives, but he’s going to be laid up in the hospital, out of commission, for at least 3 months. And so could your SAP Support.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, but that will never happen to me. Besides, I don’t over rely on anyone.” Just to be safe, how about we do a little over-reliance test?

How to tell if you’re over-relying on your consultant

He’s indispensable; so you never thought to document his knowledge in a way others can benefit. This makes him the only guy with the password to your most prized knowledge. Sure, you could document his processes and knowledge, but who has time for all that extra work? It’s much easier to lull yourself into thinking nothing bad will ever happen.

Until blam -- bus crash, and you’re left scrambling.

It’s smart to gradually start relying on others a bit more

Part of what over-reliance signifies is that your team’s bullpen, and maybe even starting rotation, needs a serious upgrade. It doesn’t mean you have to boot your beloved consultant. But you can start hedging your bets in case a catastrophe kicks them out of commission.

3 steps to start doing this are:

Never stop looking for world class support you can afford

Your consultant will be happy to know their exact role, and if something bad does happen, your department won’t feel like it’s been run over too. Your consultant can recuperate and your team can effortlessly step up without being stressed. Think of it like having a fire--instead of waiting for your superhero consultant to douse it, the entire team can pitch in to save users from needless suffering.

Next Step

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