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You hate to be pushed, don’t you? What if I gave you a gentle nudge, even a slight tweak? That’s what you should get from Free Insights. What you’ll find here is a way to step back and re-evaluate how you acquire and manage top SAP talent. You’ll find these articles insightful and immediately useful.

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Got a tiny SAP budget but F500 support needs?

Will you have to resort to scrounging in vending machines to find the SAP funds your department needs? Not if you start thinking like an F500 big wig now.


Are you training your top SAP talent to leave?

Back in Medieval times, a King would never think of educating his subjects. Even today, it’s possible to over-train your SAP team. So how can you maintain SAP IT department effectiveness while encouraging company loyalty?


Are you too dependent on one SAP consultant?

Finding a top notch SAP consultant is priceless, but over-reliance could be dangerous. Learn how to break this bad habit before it’s too late.


Does your SAP IT department resemble an understaffed ER?

To your users, every one of their SAP issues needs the urgent care of a car crash victim. Learn the sure-fire way to make sure they get the attention they deserve, without driving you crazy.


Is your SAP consultant holding you ransom?

Will you have to resort to scrounging in vending machines to find the SAP funds your department needs? Not if you start thinking like a F500 big wig now.


Are your SAP data backup procedures ready for primetime?

Relying on unproven backup plans is like counting on a benchwarmer quarterback to win you the Super Bowl after your star quarterback goes down. Here’s the secret to making sure your SAP backup plans are battle tested.


Can you trust your critical SAP data with an outsider?

For every IT Director, there comes a point in time when it makes more sense to bring in outside help rather than keep on hiring. Find out how to make sure you can trust them with the keys to your SAP kingdom.


Could you be in danger of SAP failure?

Ignoring red flags when it comes to your SAP is a lot like purchasing your “dream car” even though it squeaked and rattled on the test drive. It may have looked showroom-ready, but it was a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t overlook these early warnings signs of an SAP failure.


How to take vacation without worrying about SAP IT department meltdown.

Worried your IT department will erupt into a raucous three-ring circus in your absence? Ready your SAP team for your time away from the office.


Are you overpaying for SAP expertise?

When you hire one SAP contractor, you are limited to his knowledge. Find out how you can get four super SAP consultants for the price of one.


How communication chaos cripples your SAP budget.

Feel like you waste more time fixing communication mishaps than SAP technical issues? Learn powerful ways to resolve costly team to vendor communication problems now.


What do marshmallows and SAP IT budgets have in common?

Suppose your department suddenly came into a lot of money. How would you spend it? It all depends on how much you like marshmallows.