How to get four times the SAP know-how, without spending four time the moola

Here’s a harsh IT director reality: when you hire a local contractor, your success is limited to his level of expertise and knowledge. To upgrade that knowledge, you need to hire a better contractor. And that’s where the problem of cost comes in, doesn’t it?

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In order to get that better, more super contractor with the precious know-how your team desperately needs, you’ll pay double what you’re paying now. Most likely, you’ll need to hire two super consultants which would be four times your current spend. Plus, you’ll have to do some hard selling, since top dollar consultants in the industry loathe travelling to customer location for extensive durations.

Could fractional consulting be your golden ticket to top tier SAP expertise?

By outsourcing just the SAP expertise you need, you can get 4 super consultants for the price of one. Even the world’s best SAP consultant cannot be master at every SAP module. Paying for those gaps is wasteful. So why not pay for the fraction of their know-how you need most?

Why fractional consulting is your budget’s best friend

Even the world’s most miserly CFO would crack a pirates smile at the loot saved by getting 4 consultants for the price one. But this no-brainer goes much deeper than your bottom line. When smartly selected, you can have 4 world class experts on different modules all at your beck and call.

There’s no knowledge crap shoot with fractional consulting. A top SAP outsourcing company will hand pick a team of consultants who give you support you can immediately benefit from across all your modules.

There are drawbacks to fractional consulting

One of the biggest drawbacks is consultants usually aren’t on site. Thus, the savings. Some companies just can’t get their heads around not being able to shake their hands and talk shop over coffee.

The other drawback is having to convince your company to try something new. People don’t like change. The bigger your company, the more you know how long it can take for a technology tide to turn in your favor.

When you show them the power of getting 4 experts for the price of one, you wield a hard to ignore offer. For those who still need the face to face? With today’s technology you can both meet in cyberspace, or even at Starbucks!

Won’t that put too many chefs in my SAP kitchen?

That’s another concern that often comes up. It’s also why it’s so important to find SAP experts who aren’t prima donnas. A top outsourcing firm will do all the vetting of monstrous sized egos for you. They’ll also insist on only placing people on your team who fit your corporate culture’s personality.

Think outside the ‘hire one super consultant’ box, and you just may find 4 more for the same cost

It takes guts to do things differently in any organization. Yet, being limited to only one consultant’s knowledge can be a terribly expensive band-aid for your SAP knowledge gaps. There’s no reason in today’s globally connected environment you can’t expand the SAP knowledge on your team four fold, without having to spend four times the money.

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