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Why Sales Data Needs to be Streamlined?

Organizations have to be notified about the Delivery document/ Sales document created in SAP and also able to see the details of it in their system. This makes sure the information is transparent and all the information flows freely to all the concerned authorities.

Why Conventional SAP Outputs aren't Enough?

A system needs to define and setup different Output types in order to receive the communication from SAP which would be in form of PDF Output. This PDF can not be consumed directly by the 3rd party application in possession of the customer. In order to make the information accessible, the output has to be in accordance to the newer standards.

How Our SAP Consultants Saved the Day

The sales and delivery reports in an organization have to be accessible and transparent. Yet they also have to be secure from any outside process at every access level. Normally, organizations do not have the requisite checks in place to prevent a leak. So, our SAP consultants have come up with a simple yet effective solution to both anomalies. Here is a step by step description about how the sales and delivery reports process is tweaked.

1. Whenever a delivery is created, a text file will be generated which will contain the document data.
2. This text file will be sent to the customer as an email attachment.
3. Currently the recipient for this email is configured as Ship to Party business partner.

How the Enhanced System Makes Life Easier

Although, the new SAP improvement does minimal changes, yet the effects are profound. The simple change of sending the file as an email attachment automatically ensures there are time savings in addition to removing manual bottlenecks. Here are some more worthy points.

1. Customer will receive instant notification once the document is created.
2. Text file will be created as per customer requirement.
3. This text file can be easily uploaded into the 3rd party application at customer’s place.
4. This does not require any configuration changes in SAP.

The primary SAP mechanism does not undergo significant changes thereby preserving the system's reliability. Also, the new system does not interfere with the operations. So, there is minimal training for the new system.

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