Adding Dimensions to Standard Purchase Order Customization in SAP

Purchase orders are a vital part of any organization's purchasing cycle. In all the organizations, for purchasing certain goods or materials, a purchase order is placed by the relevant department.

It is a formal request to a vendor to provide a certain quantity of goods by a certain point of time.

Header-Design Augmentation

Users can add terms and conditions in the PO document which is printed with other PO details. However, organizations want to print the PO with terms and conditions.This terms and conditions get printed with every PO.

Our client wanted to have an option to select or de-select printing terms and conditions.

Are Standard features always useful?

Standard features are not always helpful for many organization. Some clients want this feature only when there is a need to print the PO with terms and condition.This saves unnecessary loss of paper.

Users tried many options but were unable to use this requirement with standard SAP.

How our SAP consultants solve the dilemma

Our SAP consultants provide users a new custom tab to select or de-select printing terms and conditions. This feature is achieved with help of an enhancement in the standard SAP. Addition of a custom tab with a check box ensures that users can select the option if needed.

When not required, this option can be unchecked to make sure that the terms and conditions document is not printed along with the placed order. Needless to say, this saves a lot of paper and in turn provides considerable monetary savings

Standard SAP is not a do-it-all solution for every user. It has to be customized and new features have to be added to it in order to make it a comprehensive solution.

At Apprisia, we make it our aim to provide customized solutions to our clients looking for specific features in their standard applications. Cost savings, efficiency and performance improvement are essential goals for every project.

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