Alterations in Bill of Materials Hampering Production? See How We Cracked the Code

Industries develop, produce and market the products so that their customers can use them effectively. Since a vast variety of products are developed, it is vital for these industries to maintain a systematic record of the components and their respective quantities used to make a particular product.

This record is called the 'Bill of Materials'.

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In some cases, it happens that a particular component of a product has to be replaced by another for whatever reason depending on the advantage, availability etc. While replacing the components, the quantity of these components also change depending on the need of the component in that particular product. Thus, there is a lot of calculation and changes required in the 'Bill of Materials'.

Industries are using discrete manufacturing process in Standard SAP to maintain these records. But, this process is time consuming and also enhances the workload. Industries wanted a solution that allows mass replacement to take place whenever any changes are made to any component or its attributes in 'Bill of Materials'.

How Alterations in Bill of Materials is Important for Operations?

Industries are looking for a solution that can help in smooth business operation. A solution that is efficient, quick and highly reliable. Replacing the particulars of each and every product consumes a lot of time. Moreover, it is difficult to manage and review all the details. An effective and reliable solution is needed because:

How Industry Aims to Enhance the Standard SAP's Efficiency

Industries have tried their best to make all the necessary changes in the 'Bill of Materials' in Standard SAP. But, all the efforts were in vain, since the changes were not being done to all BOM’s at once i.e. mass changes. Mass replacement is important so that the changes can be done quickly, since manual changes took a lot of time. But, the standard SAP system couldn't provide what the industries needed the most.

Standard SAP does not support the feature of Mass Replacement. Manual changes are time consuming. Industries required a system that could change the information of all BOM’s at once.

What are the benefits the industries will get with this revised version of SAP?

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